Apprenticeships help bring valuable skills into your organisation with the government’s support.

You can either get a new hire or upskill someone from within the organisation. They’re suitable for people at any level so you can hire someone new or upskill an existing employee.

An apprentice must:

  • be 16 or over,
  • not already be in full-time education
  • and live in England.

If you are interested in hiring an apprentice please request information here.

Benefits of hiring apprentices​

Purple Beard offers a range of digital apprenticeships which help develop and attract young people into a range of digital careers. We work with employers to support them to attract and hire the right apprentices for a range of digital roles.

The benefits of hiring apprentices include:

  1. Financial incentives
  2. Support and development of young people
  3. Enhancement of the business’s digital expertise
  4. Increased diversification of the digital workforce
  5. Upskilling or reskilling of existing staff
  6. Increased productivity
  7. Positive long-term development
  8. Aid staff retention.
  9. Tailored to your business
  10. Tackle a skill shortage.

Hiring an apprentice is a productive and effective way for any organisation to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

86% of employers said apprenticeships developed skills relevant to their organisation and 78% reported improved productivity.

90% of apprentices stay on in their place of work after completing an apprenticeship.

There is wide selection of apprenticeships available, covering many different job roles.

How we can help hire apprentices

Apprenticeships are real jobs carried out while training towards industry-recognised qualifications. Our aim at Purple Beard Apprenticeships, as a Government approved Apprenticeship provider, is to match motivated tech enthusiasts with forward-thinking employers to introduce new talent into the digital industries.

Purple Beard will work with your HR departments to identify their Training needs and help your organisation hire talented apprentices . If you are looking to hire for a range of Digital roles we can help you through the process. Request information here.

Apprenticeships can be funded via your Levy or supported via Government funds if you are a Non Levy payer. Find out more about your apprenticeship funding options here.

Upskill existing staff

Existing staff can also be enrolled on a range of Digital Apprenticeships that we offer, If you are looking to retrain existing staff in a range of Digital apprenticeships check out the apprentices we have on offer:

  1. Cyber Technician Level 3
  2. Data Technician Level 3
  3. DevOps Engineer Level 4
  4. Digital Support Technician Level 3 – Pathway 1
  5. Digital Support Technician Level 3 – Pathway 2
  6. IT Technical Salesperson Level 3
  7. Junior Content Producer Level 3
  8. Software Tester Level 4

Some employers view the apprenticeship Levy as more of a tax than an opportunity, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Your Levy fund should be seen as a ring-fenced L&D budget that can be:

  • invested in valuable in-house talent development
  • hiring new staff to fill skills gaps

With 94% of employees saying they would stay with a company longer if offered training, nd the UK suffering a tech skills shortage, there has never been a better time to utilise the Levy.

As a Government approved Apprenticeship provider, we can support upskill or reskill your existing staff and support you in your journey.

Purple Beard offers a range of Digital skills Apprenticeships if you are interested in finding out more please contact us.