Digital Support Technician

Your Guide To The Digital Support Technician Apprenticeship

The Digital Support Technician has responsibility for ensuring the successful deployment and use of office technologies, productivity software, and digital communications within the business context. Such professionals are employed by a wide variety of businesses across the public, private, and voluntary sectors. Everyday duties may include the installation of new computer systems, investigation of technical

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The Power of Technology

Your Guide To The IT Tech Sales Apprenticeship

The main role of the IT Technical Salesperson is to sell technical products or services for the company that they are working for. They should be able to understand and clearly explain the specific technical features and benefits in a way as to maximise customer appeal. Such personnel might also be asked for help in

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The Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship Guide

It is the role of the Junior Content Producer (otherwise known as the Creative Content Assistant) to manage content across online and offline platforms. They spend much of their time researching and creating content for increased business awareness and sales. Such content may be published on business websites, social media platforms, or print publications. Our

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Your Guide To The Data Technician Apprenticeship

It is the role of the Data Technician (also referred to as the Data Entry Keyer, Clerk Or Coder)  to gather, record, and organise digital information. A naturally inquisitive and analytical nature is required in order to excel in this challenging job. This guide to the Data Technician Apprenticeship may help provide information in order

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The Guide To The Software Testing Apprenticeship

The Software Tester (otherwise known as a Software Test Engineer or Quality Assurance Tester) is expected to perform tests to ensure that software operates as intended. It is a role involving the creation of testing plans and analysis for the achievement of user satisfaction. The results of such tests must be recorded; with details of

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The Essential Guide To The DevOps Engineering Apprenticeship

This is an essential guide  that can help organisations and individual learn more about the DevOps Apprenticeship. There has been an increase in the employment of DevOps Engineers across such sectors as hospitality, software, banking, and retail in recent years. These specialised tech workers make use of digital tools for the purposes of continuous integration

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Guide to Apprenticeships

The Guide To Purple Beard Apprenticeships

What is an apprenticeship? This is a guide to  apprenticeships which  provides the opportunity to earn while you learn. As an apprentice you will have the same legal status as any other employee, including the right to a contract of employment and holiday leave. With professional support and opportunities to apply your skills, the apprenticeship

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Tech talent charter

Purple Beard Commit To The Tech Talent Charter

As the owner of Purple Beard, I am fully committed to the promotion and achievement of diversity in the Tech space. It’s for this reason that I have signed up to the Tech Talent Charter (TTC); sharing the recognition of essential change through collective action. I have pledged my ongoing support and motivation to improve

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Rich results when searching for careers in AI

What You Need For A Career In AI

What skills you  need  for a career in Artificial Intelligence Whether cause for excitement or fear, the rise of AI (or machine intelligence) is undeniable. Increasing use is being made of AI technologies including speech recognition software, plagiarism checkers, and language translation services. There is an increasing demand for employees with the ability to program

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Provide information about the top tech trends

Top Trends In The Tech Sector

Given the great reliance on digital technology, it’s of little surprise that the UK tech sector is expanding at a rapid rate.  There was a 40% rise in the number of people employed within the UK tech economy from 2017 to 2019. And the demand for well-qualified tech staff is set to continue for the

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Rich results when searching for Google for 'eLearning and digital skills'

5 Reasons Not To Invest In eLearning

There has been a great increase in the number of businesses investing in eLearning over recent years. A recent Research and Markets forecast indicated that the eLearning industry would have a value of $350 billion by 2025. And the rate of growth has been accelerated by the Coronavirus; as businesses have provided their employees with

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